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Funded by Hivos -the objective of the Promoting Political Pluralism in Namibia project is to encourage a culture of political pluralism among Namibians. This is in form of open discussions with communities, workshops, on capacity building of grassroots communities and political parties, media component which involves panelist on community radios and various forms of publications on the subject matter.

Activities planned for 2010

Political Parties and their role in Democratization”February, 2010 - Windhoek. The purpose of the workshop is to empower political parties on their role in Namibian politics and how to strengthern them in the view of the recent presidential and legislative elections. Topics under disucssion will include; Why Political Parties are Essential for Democracy?, The Electoral System in Namibia and it’s Impact on the Party System, Political Party Funding and The Enviornment for Political Parties, Internal Functioning and Structure of Namibian Political Parties, Intra Party Conflict and Lack of Intra- Party Democracy, Relations Between Political Parties etc. 

  • Pluralism in Namibia, Challenges and Lessons Post 2009 Presidental and Legislative ElectionsApril, 2010 - Windhoek-  The workshop is aimed at strategizing the way forward and interventions to be implored in view of the elections results,  the challenges faced by Namibia and the lessons learned so far.  Panel presentations by representatives from different political, Church and civil society groups will be conducted. 
  • Pluralism on Paper”- Bi monthly- the aim of the activity is to educate through the publications of newsletters, hosting and publicizing of the website, press release and civic education materials on pluralism. Press Release and other forms of media will be used. Tshirts with the message of pluralism will be are printed on each activity.
  • Political Pluralism on Air” February – December 2009- the aim of the activity is to continue advocating for political pluralism through organisation of panels on community radio. Topics to be discussed will include participation, Namibian political parties, recent political developments etc.  Media and cultural campaign component. Agreement signed with Base FM (KCR) in 2009 will continue.
  • Political Parties in Namibia” July 2010 - Central Namibia. This workshop will be a follow up activity to the one in February aimed at capacity building of political parties. Guest speaker will be invited to present on political parties in South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana.
  • Pluralism and the Youth” June 2010- Central Namibia. This workshop is aimed at furthur equipping young people on the benefits of increased participation.
  • Trenchant of the Regions of Namibia with Political PluralismJuly, August, September, October, November 2009 – these workshop will be conducted the regions of Ohangwena, Kunene, Okahandja and Khomas.  This will be a good opportunity for community to discuss the political scenario in their regions and influence political pluralism in thei respective regions.

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